Born in Colombia in 1952, he completed his formal studies in Medellín, a provincial capital in central Colombia. Early on in his childhood he expressed a marked interest for colors and drawing. He did his first art studies at I'Academie de Beaux Arts in his hometown of Medellín. He specialized in different artistic techniques, especially the oil and ink mediums. Arriving in Québec in 1972, he began to study art at Concordia University in Montreal.

His canvasses during the years 1973-1975 show interest in experimenting with color as applied to the rounded shapes of his subjects. In 1976, he traveled to Europe where he visited all of the major galleries and studied the masters, especially those of latin origin.


The years 1977-1980 were years of experimentation with ink drawings. In 1981, he returned to Colombia where he painted prodigiously in his attempt to express his vision of the latin character. Today, Mr. Marín continues to paint in Montreal expressing his concepts through the oil medium, ever influenced by his roots in the latin culture.